Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Rotary Lecture: 7 Tips for Flawless Social Branding! By Misty Buck Iglesias

March 28, 2017- was a perfect day with a perfect last lecturer to end this Women's History Month! Today's special guest was Misty Buck Iglesias, who is an innovative, pioneering, trailblazing, social media marketing guru!  Misty founded her company of Miss Ink LLC in 2008 (a landmark year signalling the dawn of all social media marketing), and thanks to Misty, we all walked away a bit more informed about effective social media marketing!

Jumping right in!

At the very beginning, Misty just informed her clients about My Space, as in 2008, there really wasn't much else available, but since that audacious start, like the social media platforms she informed us about, her knowledge, expertise and influence has grown exponentially! Wasting no time, Misty jumped right in with her "7 tips for Flawless Social Media"!

Tip #1

Claim your Name! Make sure to use a name that goes all the way through, use a name that applies across the board on multiple social media platforms! And, use a name where you can work with the branding such as @ symbols, which you will need to use all in one place. DON'T FREAK OUT if someone already has your handle! We live in an age of endless ideas and names, so BE CREATIVE, add an extra symbol or letter to that original name. Who knows? Maybe this slight change to the original name will work to your benefit!

Tip #2 

Brand Imaging - or in other words, connecting visually. For example, Misty's own logo uses a STAR and the color HOT PINK, the idea behind this imaging and color scheme is to be on the top of the mind of the potential client. To further make her point, Misty ran a slide of well known logos, such as the Nike and Rotary International logos, however, the biggest reaction from today's audience came when Brett Trembly's business logo was shown! "Pay me later," Misty reminded Brett.

Tip #3 

Let Them Meet Oz - Most of us can relate to the long winding yellow brick road in the Wizard of Oz story, but most of us just don't have the time to read that whole story, hence in today's age, skip that road and let them meet Oz from the beginning! Get to the point, spell it out, be concise, think of this as your own time sensitive commercial. Start by picking the top 3 things you want to be associated with, but don't just do this brand as a copy and paste, do so in your own voice!

Tip #4 

Be Personal - People do business with people they like! Misty, for example, loves classic trucks! What are your passions? You don't need to tell your life story, just what interests you! These are other ways to connect ..."I like that person because they like..." People simply like to be around other like-minded people!

Tip #5 

Be Present - Needless to say, there are a bunch a social networks with more being created each year and the new "hot" platform changes frequently, there's no question there are social media FOTMs ( Flavor of the month)! Which one should you choose? Misty suggests pick one or two, but BE ACTIVE, get really good, build some expertise at those two before expanding, still, remember to BE THERE, BE PRESENT! Check on those networks, check the comments, and RESPOND back, not just with emojis, but with actual comments! Be engaged! Think of it going to a party, knocking on the door and suddenly there's no one there! Don't miss opportunities! It's called social networking for a reason!

Tip #6 

Study Influences, What are your hot topics? What is interesting to you? Who influences you? Look for those people who you may want to follow, and study what you are interested in! You can also Join social groups! This is yet another way to connect, another way to find the like-minded!

Tip #7

Be Human - Don't be afraid to speak your mind, but do use what you are comfortable with! Just don't go on rants all of the time! And, most of all, don't be afraid of who you are, give something, some subject for potential client to connect with and be inspired! Have funny anecdotes, share some experiences, show that you are human!

Thank you Misty for this informative lecture!

by Jeff McNabb

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