Friday, February 24, 2017

Valentine's Day Fellowship 2017!

February 14, 2017 - A full house on this day of special fellowship that just so happened to fall on this day of sweethearts, Valentine's Day

The board approved a thoughtful and yet, also sentimental luncheon deal which encouraged our members to bring their significant others or their friends. And, we were treated by more than just candy and roses, but by also getting to meet the current president of the South Miami Senior High-school interact Club, she was so inspiring as were the students ( one a fellow officer, the other a Teacher Advisor)!

Application of the 4-Way Test

Past President Mike Sutta's happy dollar story of successfully applying the 4-way test to both his personal and business life was my  personal happy dollar highlight, and this did not go unnoticed by the current Interact president, and how, she too, applies those same principles in her life.

Well Deserved!

Additionally, several well deserving members received their first Paul Harris, notably: Denny, Ernesto, Flavia, Lewis, Mike and Peter! VERY WELL DESERVED, YOU are our dynamos, our hurricanes!! I was also included. And, congrats again for adding to your Paul Harris contribution: Brett, Britt, Subrata, David, Marty, Mari, Wendy, Doreen and Ellen! And one future Rotarian in Roy’s grandson!

A beautiful lunch filled with beautiful insight, encouragement and promise! 

- by Jeff McNabb

What Does Rotary Mean to You - Subrata Basu, Rotary Club of South Miami President 2016-2017

 Subrata Basu, Rotary Club of South Miami, President 2016-2017

#1 Why did you join Rotary? 
My primary motivation to join Rotary or volunteer for any civic, professional or community organizations is to continue as well as to expand my commitment to public service. As a third generation in public service I have always believed that in-spite of our hard work and family influence, the community has a lot to do with who we are. Those of us who are fortunate have an obligation to “give back” to the community in whatever way we can to help make our communities better places to live, work, learn and grow for others. I believe the values that Rotary promotes, not only help improve people’s lives but through its worldwide network can build strong bonds between peoples of different cultures, religions and regions resulting in greater understanding, peace and harmony. 
#2 Your Favorite Rotary memory. 
I don’t normally hang on to any one “favorite” moment. To me it’s about learning from the experience of every moment and hopefully creating better memories in the future and to continue to learn.

#3 what would you like to see Rotary accomplish?

Help improve the lives of people around the world through Peace, understanding and mutual respect. 

Thank you for your service President Subrata! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Alex Schreer, New Vision for Sunset Place

February 7, 2017 A packed American Legion house including two new visitors thanks to our social media efforts, and a fascinating lecture by Alex Schreer! Mr. Sheer oversees the branding and re-positioning of several projects including Shops at Sunset Place and CocoWalk.

A Changing Skyline Landscape
Times change, and community issues need to be addressed as well as marketing concerns. As one example regarding Sunset Place, sidewalks will be widened buffered by Oak Trees, promoting greener spaces that also offer enhanced safety for both pedestrians and bike riders. These modern designs further incorporate innovative Green Mobility concepts, while also expanding shopping space and easier consumer access. And, Alex's presentation artistically illustrated this changing skyline landscape which was both visionary and inspiring!

Always pain with change...
When answering a question about the expansion of the side walks and how this can cause an initial traffic dilemma, Alex responded, "There's always pain with change, but we do this for success!" And, with former Rotarian, Victor Brandon Dover, Rotarian Mari Chael's loving husband, leading up these new innovative designs, the future looks bright, not only for Sunset Place, but also for the city of South Miami!

by Jeff McNabb